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Documents & Forms

CC&Rs layout what is allowed and not allowed for properties. The Board and ACC have some interpretational leeway in a few areas. As a homeowner, read this document.

Bylaws are the structure of the HOA. From how voting is done to volunteer positions and meetings.
Lots of detail as to how things are done.

Architectural Approval

Written approval must be received from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) before making changes to the exterior elements of your home.
Failure to receive approval can result in a fine and required removal of the work.

Please go to the Architectural Control Committee tab for the Architectural Improvement Request form and additional information regarding requests for approval or compliance violations.

The Articles bring the corporation into existence, define the fundamental purpose and powers of the Association, and identify the limited liability of the volunteer Board of Directors.

The HOA Covenant Guidelines, when used in conjunction with the CC&Rs, are intended to provide assistance when planning property improvements.

Using the Guidelines does not remove the need for Approval from ACC prior to beginning a project.

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