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Architectural ControlCommittee (ACC)

Ready to make a change....?  


Great!  We love well-cared-for properties!


Please be sure to first review the Covenant, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and submit an ACC Improvement Request Form (download on right side of screen), to request approval of changes to your home, its landscape, fence or other exterior elements prior to making any changes.  

Plan for up to 30 days for review. You'll receive written approval or a request for additional information or modifications. Please do not schedule your work assuming rapid approval.


ACC Documents & Forms

To submit a completed ACC Improvement Request form orto discuss covenant violations, please email: 

Only making changes to the interior?  
Please also submit a an ACC Improvement Request form to receive approval for dumpsters, work trucks, etc. 


Be a Good Neighbor

We encourage you to talk with your immediate neighbors in advance of starting a project to let them know of the potential for increased noise or possible inconvenience and let them know how long your project is likely to last. Observe quiet hours. Notify your work teams that they cannot begin before 7:00am M-F and not before 8:00am on the weekends. All work crews must maintain a clean work site (including removal of any smoking materials).

     While the HOA strives for consistency, it is a      constant challenge to keep so many individuals and properties aligned. We are fortunate to have long time residents, new homeowners, and everyone
in-between as part of our community.  This mix of perspectives is reflected in both the ACC and the Board membership, which changes over time,

and may influence management-style, and interpretation of CC&Rs. 

Article 6; Section 6.4 of the CC&Rs

Maintenance Standards and Interpretation. 


The maintenance standards and the enforcement thereof and the interpretation of maintenance obligations under this Declaration may vary from one term of the Board to another term of the Board. These variances shall not constitute a waiver by the Board of the right to adopt and enforce maintenance standards under this Article. No decision or interpretation by the Board shall constitute a binding precedent with respect to subsequent decisions or interpretations of the Board.

Good to Know

While there are laws governing the behavior of HOAs and The Ranch complies with these laws, 
an association can still have a powerful impact on your rights as a homeowner.


Please always remember that The Ranch HOA focuses on the property and the community,
it's not about person who owns/lives in the property.  


Receiving notification of a violation or having a request declined, feels personal; but truly, it's about the community, not you as an individual. 

If you receive a notice of violation and you are unable to address the issue, email the ACC and present a plan on how you will achieve compliance and the timeframe involved.  Do not ignore the violation as fines will increase.  


If you don't think the item should be a violation, then please email the ACC, and calmly discuss a path forward.  
No one enjoys sending or receiving a notice of violation; but it is especially unpleasant and unproductive when met with hostility.

Violation Fine Schedule:


Please read the 'Covenant and Rule Enforcement Policy' and the 'Covenant Violation and Fine Schedule', both revised in Dec 2017 and located on the Documents & Forms page for details. Repeat offenders for the same violation within 1 year are not considered a 'First Violation'.

First Violation:                           Warning Notice - 30 days to address violation

Second Violation:                                       $100.00

Third Violation:                                           $250.00

Fourth & Subsequent Violations:           $500.00

Stated fines are effective 01Jan2018. 

About the volunteer aspect...


All functions of the HOA, from positions on the Board, to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), are comprised of volunteers who take away time from their family to support our community.  They work many hours every month for free to keep costs down.  What does that mean for you?  Well, hopefully, it means you'll volunteer too.  It also means that the volunteers are not disembodied professionals, but your neighbors. They will always strive to do right by the community in accordance with our governing documents. Errors may occur, but try to give the benefit of the doubt first, and then see if you can help.  All of us can get upset, and most communications occur via email, which can give clear words but confuse the tone. Remaining polite, professional, and responsive, even when it is tempting to be otherwise, is necessary to the success of a volunteer HOA.
                                                                                                                                                      Thank you!

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