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In 2020, the Board began discussions with various trash collection services as a project brought on by requests from many residents. The pandemic caused some service providers to increase costs and decline to be part of the initiative.


This initiative was NOT successful, primarily due to a lack of community involvement and only ~87 HOA members cast a vote. A total of ~133 members voting in the affirmative would be required to make this type of change.

In 2021, the Board revisited discussions with trash collection providers, a process which required a substantial investment in time, energy, and organization. Once again, the item was put up for a vote by all homeowners and, again, we lacked sufficient voter turnout and the measure was tabled.

As we near the end of 2022, and approach our Annual Meeting, we're preparing to put this initiative up for a vote once again.


Why? The simple answer is that homeowners continue to complain about the number of trash trucks that cruise through the neighborhood on an almost-daily basis. Sometimes, this means more than one service provider entering the neighborhood on any given day . . . and then there are the extra trips for recycling and special

pick-ups.                       Are homeowners frustrated about this? The answer is a resounding YES! 

           Well, then, what's the answer???   ------------------------>

Image by Cyrus Crossan

Trash Collection

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