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A poplular topic for all meetings is trash collection, and, once again, the Board is hoping for homeowner involvement in establishing one trash service for Filing 3. Why? The simple answer is that homeowners continue to complain about the number of trash trucks that cruise through the neighborhood on an almost-daily basis. Sometimes, this means more than one service provider entering the neighborhood on any given day . . . and then there are the extra trips for recycling and special


Are homeowners frustrated about this? The answer is a resounding YES! 

                    Well, then, what's the answer???   ------------------------>

Board President, Helen Kamin, has gathered quotes from the three main RF3 trash service providers; Waste Management, Republic, and BCD. Here is how they compare:


$15.00 monthly for weekly trash service and every other week recycling, + Recycle Material Offset (RMO) at $1.55 monthly, for a total of $16.55 monthly. Rate includes use of 96-gallon trash and recycle carts with wheels and lids. Additional carts available for $5.00 (Extra carts billed to residents). Rate includes delivery of carts to all homes. Rate includes all fees, except RMO, and ADMIN Charges, and will be detailed on the invoice to show totals. RMO will fluctuate based on commodity value and the recycle market and could appear as either a charge or credit. Currently $1.63 per home per month.

Administrative Charge applies. Currently $8.50 per paper invoice. Can be waived if signed up for Paperless Billing and Automatic Payments.

Most bulky items are $40. State of the art natural gas trucks.


Bi-Weekly Trash 96-gallon carts provided to each resident. Estimated Monthly Total $16.75 per month. Please Note: There are no additional fuel or environmental fees. Any bulk item pick-up will be billed directly to the homeowner at $30.00 per item, per household and require 24-hour notice for scheduling. Additional containers are available for $48 a year, charged directly to the resident. 

Contract Options

      (3) Year - the rate is fixed for the first year and a rate adjustment cap of 5% will be in place for years 2-3.  Automatic renewal will be a month to month renewal when the current agreement expires.

      (5) Year - the rate is fixed for the first 2 years and a rate adjustment cap of 5% will be in place for years 3-5.  Automatic renewal will be a month to month renewal when the current agreement expires.


BCD will provide (1) 96 gal cart for trash and (1) 96 gal cart for Recycle service. Trash Service:1 x week; Recycle Service: Every Other Week (Calendar will be provided to all homeowners) SAME day as Trash.     BCD PROVIDED CARTS: Cost Per Home = $17.75 (FLAT RATES, NO ADDED FEES).  All items must be in carts, yard waste seasonally (May-August) is limited to 5 bags and  5 bundles of 4’ pieces of limbs.   Service Day: TBA (likely Mondays -same as Ranch #1). Maximum annual rate increases not to exceed 3% unless approved by HOA.  NO charges beyond contracted per home price (and annual maximum increase) will be assessed to HOA.

BCD will allow “unlimited” services for Trash that is contained, in bags or boxes for the ONE service following the Christmas & New Year’s Day Holiday.  

BCD will pick up Christmas Trees for the ONE service following the New Year’s Day Holiday.

BCD and our families observe the following Holidays and services will be delayed by one business day (we will service on Saturdays when possible): CHRISTMAS DAY,



BCD will provide carts to new homeowners where not left from prior homeowner: N/C

Repair of carts will be performed on-site or replaced by BCD:  N/C

Replacement cost for broken carts due to negligence:  $119 (includes del) (as a result of hot ash, fire, driven over or lost)

Replacement cost for carts not broken (can be refurbished): N/C



Bulk items will be serviced at the cost of the homeowner – PREPAID with minimum required notice 2 business days prior to the next scheduled service in order to route timely.

Image by Cyrus Crossan


Waste Management

Trash Collection

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