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Neighborhood Updates

Sheds, Accessory Buildings, etc

December 31, 2019

Freestanding sheds/accessory building are prohibited in our filing as noted in the CC&Rs. 


At the 2019 Annual Meeting a proposal to consider allowing detached sheds or accessory buildings did not have enough votes by homeowners to be pursued for potential amendment in the CC&Rs.


How to have a shed and stay in compliance:

Sheds/accessory buildings may be accommodated as attached structures to a home as long as they adhere to the CC&Rs, including matching the materials of the home to appear as integrated and seamless as possible. Written approval is required from the ACC prior to any work being performed. When nicely done, adding an attached structure adds value to your home!

Garage Sale Guidance

September 24, 2019



The Ranch Filing #3 HOA typically holds an annual garage sale over the summer. This affords the opportunity for the community to connect and engage with each other, while also potentially making a couple of bucks by selling some items. This also provides an invaluable opportunity for a person or company from the neighborhood to co-sponsor the event. 


The HOA likes to partner with 1 sponsor for the annual garage sale. For the selected sponsor, we will help promote your sponsorship of the event on the neighborhood website ( and NextDoor. 


Interested in being a sponsoring the annual garage sale? 


  • If you are a home-owner of The Ranch Filing #3, then you must be in good standing.  

  • Submit your event plan including proposed dates for the event and dates for signage installation for approval by the Board. 

  • Marketing materials e.g. flyers, signage, must be submitted to the Board approximately 2 months before thegarage sale date for approval. 

  • If multiple requests to sponsor are received, preference will be given to the applicant who proposes the best end-to end-experience for the community, is the first to request, and/or did not provide sponsorship the previous years. We welcome repeat sponsorship, but do we also like to offer opportunities for new sponsors. 



The items below have historically been appreciated by the neighborhood. 


 - Provide the 1-2 Dumpsters with controlled drop-off and pick-up (same day pick up is much easier to monitor and manage than overnight)

 - Garage sale map of who is participating 

 - Food (sandwiches or breakfast burritos) and bottled water, etc are always popular  


Submission Timelines: 

If you’d like to be considered, please email the board at boardrf3hoa@gmail between March 1 - April 1 of the calendar year you’d like to sponsor. We will contact you with any questions and the selection decision by mid-April.  


Thank you to all sponsors for your interest and support! 

2018 CC&R Survey Results

May 16, 2018

In the Winter 2018 HOA Newsletter, the Board wrote of the potential for revising some sections of the existing Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). To get a general sense of the neighborhood’s points of view on a couple of topics, we’d appreciate the community’s input via an online survey (using Survey Monkey).


The results of the survey are located under the Documents and Forms tab.

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