A grassy space which contains a rain water ditch, located on Quivas Way, across from the golf course, adjacent to Pecos and separating Filing 3 and Filing 1.

So, what's the deal with that space?

Filing 3 owns the swale. In 2015, after a homeowner vote, it was converted from manicured turf to half turf (south side), half native growth (north side) to save money and water/resource consumption.  While periodically treated for weeds and mowed, the area is is largely left as-is and the expectation for maintenance on the native side should be minimal.  

Residents are encouraged (and deeply appreciated)  to volunteer to pull weeds and pick up trash in the swale. 

Many residents agree it hasn't found its "sweet spot" and conversation continues over how to enhance and make use of the space which has one of the best views in the neighborhood!  Please reach out to the board with ideas for cost effective improvement.


Yes, we have our own island!

Unfortunately it is not in the tropics with a beach, but it is in a prominent place in our neighborhood: the junction of 113th Ave, Ranch Place, and Quivas Way.  

A remodel effort started in 2020 for this space.

Fencing and Signage

The community perimeter fencing is replaced as needed due to damage, but the entire fence is estimated to have approximately 5 years of life left before requiring total replacement (estimate 2024). This will be a significant undertaking and is the main reason HOA dues rise at least 10% each year. Also, due to the extreme cost of replacement, a special assessment is likely to occur. Signage may be evaluated for full replacement at the same time as the fence. In the interim, the Board may decide to periodically repaint the signs.


Our community makes use of public streets. If a car has current tags, and is a type of vehicle permitted in the community, then they are currently allowed to park on the street. If you notice the tags are not current, then please notify the City of Westminter code enforcement as this violates city code.

Safety: Break-ins do occur, so please keep your car locked and take note that parking on curves/blind corners can make navigating the streets more difficult and less safe for everyone. Leaving those specific areas clear is appreciated. 

Per the CC&Rs, vehicles For Sale, regardless of tags, are not permitted within the community.